Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Heritage Walker

Ok, so this is not a tree. Now. But it was a tree, or part there of. I found this "heritage walker" in the Perkinsville community. I spotted it from the new 421 in the area near the new auto parts store.
Remember, one of the attributes is that a Heritage Tree be one that has been around long enough to be the biggest, oldest, or connected by a story to the person or community. I am sure there is a story behind this tree. Wondering what it is? Why would someone go to the trouble to stand up a root system of a large tree? And to light it up and offer it for others to enjoy?
I call it a Heritage "walker" because it looks like a primitive creature crossing the ridge at night and caught in a spotlight. Not knowing whether to run or flee, it freezes in the spotlight in attempt to imitate a tree root. Pretty good camoflage isn't it?

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Dawn said...

I believe this is one of the pieces of driftwood in Bill Goodnight's yard on Perkinsville Drive. I think it may have come from Watauga Lake. He would tell you about it, I'm sure.