Thursday, March 13, 2008

5,000 Year Old Tree

Sometimes you have to go waayyyyy out of Watauga County.
All the way to California!
This is reported to be the oldest tree in North America.
National Champion Bristlecone
PinePinus aristata var. longaeva

Inyo National Forest California
Age = 5000+ years

The Bristlecone Pine is among the oldest living things on earth.
Individual bristlecone pine trees may live over 5,000 years.

This tremendous, rugged Bristlecone Pine tree is growing in the Inyo National Forest in southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Its exact location is kept secret to protect the tree from having its roots trampled by visitors.

Bristlecone pines are usualy difficult to date by tree rings, since their complex, massive root systems sprout multiple stems, which die, often to be replaced by new younger shoots.

Simply amazing to ponder!

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