Sunday, October 27, 2013

Watauga's Champion Sugar Maple Tree

Oh what a magnificent tree~ 
this Sugar Maple discovery. 
A North Carolina Champion Big Tree 
resides here in Watauga County.
It's circumference is 170 inches
It's height is 99 feet
With a crown spread of 81 feet 

this Sugar Maple (Acer sacharum) scored 290 points on the NC Forestry register of Big trees.

I enjoy this contrasting view of the habit of the Champion Maple in contrast to the straight trunks of these two oaks nearby.

This mighty tree has been listed on the North Carolina
Register of Big Trees
in recognition of its being the largest of its species in the area. 
This grand tree is in the Town of Boone, North Carolina. The public works department has maintained a fence and groomed the area around this Champion Tree. The plaque reads "Every effort should be made to preserve and protect this important tree for enjoyment of this generation and those to follow". 
With this, I agree. Many thanks to Bill Barbour who led me to this tree. Enjoy!

We have two other champion trees in Watauga County. Do you know what they are and where? Explore this blog to discover the hidden giants hiding in plain view among us in the High Country.

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