Monday, February 4, 2008

The Wedding Tree............. Daniel Boone Gardens

This 150 year old Black Cherry Tree was in the Daniel Boone gardens in Boone, NC.

It was submitted by a reader who was fortunate enough to see and photograph it before it was lost to storm damage and old age.

This is the comment that was supplied:

"I would like to contribute to the Heritage Tree project. "I have only lived in Watauga County for the past 5 years. "I was drawn to this tree. It was spring when I visited later that year, the tree fell down.

"I was sad that it had gone and gave the Daniel Boone Gardens copies of all of the pictures I had taken that day. They were very appreciative .

"I am not sure how old this tree was, but it seemed firmly grounded with its arms reaching out to the sky.

"They said that it had been the center of the gardens since they had opened and that they missed it's presence. "I could understand that and this is one of its final portraits.
"I hope that my submission is helpful. Andi."
Thanks! I am sure there are other photos and stories associated with this Heritage Tree. Please share! sw

H. Eckess Jones, Jr., a wood-turner from Greensboro who lives in Beech Mountain, presented a bowl he carved from the wood of a limb from the champion black cherry tree.


esheltonwilder said...

Thank you Andi,

I was married beneath that tree, many years ago. As were hundreds of others over the years since.

esheltonwilder said...

Here is an interesting article about this tree from the Watauga Democrat.

esheltonwilder said...

Comments about this tree:

“A great loss to the Gardens,” Sigmon described, was the “necessary removal” of the famous cherry tree that had broken and split in half last year. “We were told that it was the oldest cherry tree in the state and was often referred to as the ‘wedding tree.’ That’s where everyone wanted their pictures made . . . beside the cherry tree.”

Sigmon credited Hunter’s Tree Service for their expertise in removing the tree, without damaging surrounding plant species. “The day they took that old tree down, we all just stood there and watched in reverence.” Sigmon added that a beautiful cherry bowl had been made that from the wood as a gift to the gardens, with others available for purchase.

Biczel Wood Works was able to obtain some of the lumber, as well, and will be producing various items from the wood in the future.”